Krish Bralley for Georgia House

Georgia House District 49 is ready for a new voice. Let’s join together and make the changes we deserve.
My Story

It’s time for a new voice.

My name is Krishan Bralley & I am running for the 49th District House of Representatives seat in the Georgia Assembly because it is time we breathe new life into our State legislature. As a small business owner and dedicated family man born and raised in Alpharetta, I am uniquely qualified to become your House Representative.

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Building A Future

Georgia’s school system should reward the hardworking employees who educate our future. If elected I would fight to increase teacher salaries & return to Universal Pre-K.
Gun Sense

A Broad Consensus

I am not anti-gun. I am anti- gun violence.  We can respect 2nd amendment rights & still utilize the multiple tools available to our society to keep weapons out of the hands of dangerous individuals. We must act on the broad consensus among us of reforming & enacting sensible legislation. Eliminating senseless violence & suffering is important to me.

Decreasing Congestion

We all agree transportation is key to economic growth. Yet it also involves population growth, aging & environmental issues. I support the bipartisan efforts to increase State funding & improve coordination among transit agencies of the metro region.

Criminal Justice Reform

Eliminating Injustice

I support ending cash bail for low level offenses & reforming our criminal justice system including alternatives to harsh sentencing, such as drug courts & programs designed to help inmates reintegrate into society. We must address the brutality of our prisons & ensure humane, rehabilitative treatment.
Voter Redistricting Reform

Ending the Gerrymander

When politicians choose their voters by carving their own districts, voters become cynical & lose interest in the democratic process.  Establishing a Non-Partisan Independent Districting Commission in Georgia is necessary to ensuring representation in government.
Reproductive Rights


As a public servant, I will support increased access to reproductive health care. We should be focusing on preventing unplanned pregnancies while keeping termination safe, legal & rare.

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